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Audials One 2019 Review

Audials One 2019

Audials One is equipped with one of the fastest streaming recorders. It is able to record individual tracks or even two playlists simultaneously at five times the speed from music streaming services such as Spotify in particular. The new Audials One 2019 software is able to browse Spotify as an additional music source and then delivers the recordings in the best possible quality and the shortest time. Audials One 2019 is the only software to offer this world innovation.

Audials One’s streaming recorder is also a front-runner in recording movies. It makes use of a batch recorder and an automatic episode recording function to save entire seasons of series from the video streams of well-known services such as Amazon, Netflix and many others. Here, users also benefit from numerous improvements made to the new software. Particularly in the field of internet television, the new Audials One 2019 software offers 130 live TV streams from all over the world, which can be watched and recorded using the newly designed and convenient player.

Audials One 2019 represents a paradigm shift, as the software is now operated according to the content and not to the function like before. The advantage of this is that users can now always immediately access all the functions when dealing with their songs, radios, movies and videos.

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Downloading YouTube Links Massively Improved

On Audials, not only can you scan YouTube, but you can also directly download the music from videos as an audio track by entering a link.

You can now enter a whole list of YouTube links and Audials will then work through them. This also applies to the new music service YouTube Music. Our new Audials One 2019 even comes with its own tile for pre-configured recording with a single click!

Recording Music Streams Now Easier and Safer

Not just the quality of stream recordings, for example on Spotify, has been improved. The newly designed selection of the recording source also makes it easier for you to find the right pre-settings.

Simply select the source and Audials automatically determines everything else, e.g. whether you are recording from the Spotify software or website, and which browser you are recording from. It always selects the best settings to ensure optimal recording.

Better Selection

The tile view of the recording configurations that have been predefined for the video streaming services has been redesigned and is now easier to use with the new image selection.

Additional Services

New services have been pre-configured for the recording process and can be selected by simply clicking on the right tile.

Better Quality When Recording Directly

Direct recordings from the video memory of the graphics card, which is used in particular for Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, or UStream, have also been improved.

Audials is now even better at saving so-called adaptive streaming, which is used by these services; the artifacts at the transitions between the individual sequences have been minimized.

For you, this means that record of movies and series, especially in HD, will have an even better picture quality on Audials One 2019.

YouTube Direct Download Now Even Better

With our new Audials One 2019, YouTube links can now be entered and automatically downloaded directly from YouTube, allowing any number of YouTube links to be copied into the software for processing.

For YouTube, all other resolutions are available for direct download in addition to the original format and resolution.

A New Internet TV Experience

Our new Audials has a completely newly designed player for Internet TV. It provides you with smooth, high-quality television, especially when you’re watching in full-screen mode, even on slower PCs.

This means you can continue watching TV on your PC at home, but also on holiday with your notebook, and you won’t miss a single episode of your favorite series.

Lots of New Live TV Streams

In addition to the previous online TV offers, Audials now boasts a huge number of new English-language and international live TV streams!

Enjoy over 150 live streams.


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