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Why Choose BV9000 Pro? | Software Giveaway

Why Choose BV9000 Pro


Blackview’s latest BV9000 pro, which extends the BV series of military quality and strong protection, has revolutionized mobile phones in terms of hardware configuration and product details:

BV9000 Pro

  • The body design is an 18:9 full screen tri-proof cell phone, it is fashionable.
  • 6GB RAM +128GB ROM large memory to ensure that the phone still runs smoothly.
  • Back 13MP+5MP real dual cameras, there are multiple photo modes can be selected
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5, with a much more higher level of protection;
  • Blackview has paid high attention to detail processing and the assembly quality is superior.
  • In the following (January), face recognition will be realized on BV9000Pro.
  • In addition there will be lots of improved development on the software and optimization.

Also Blackview offers the official 3D video to help you better understand this product.

Blackview Official

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