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Fidget Spinner: The Music Game | SoftwareGiveaway

Fidget Spinner: The Music Game

Fidget Spinner

More than a Fidget Spinner toy, this is a game with ambient music and unique pitch shifting gameplay! A Fidget Spinner model that feels fantastic and gives you lots of control of 2 spinners at the same time. When the Fidget Spinners spin you can feel them through the vibrations they create! Plus integrated video recording for easy upload to YouTube.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Develop your dexterity and unwind your mind.

In “Fidget Spinner: The Music Game” your spinning creates beautiful music with unique ambient musical instruments.

32 Fidget Spinner designs: classic & original – with some designs not possible in real life.
Cool special effects like gyroscope depth effects, awesome vibration feedback and a retro space style!
Left-handed? No problem, switch the hand spinners in the settings.
Beautiful audio and music with unique bass loops and funky instruments.
Unique gameplay. NOT just another spidget finner app but an actual game!

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Are you the best fidget spinner spinner? See if you can complete every level perfectly and unlock all the achievements.

Headphones recommended for the full audio experience.

Use the ‘YouTube’ button to record gameplay ready for upload to your YouTube channel.

TIP 1: Don’t play with your real-life Fidget Spinner / Spidget Finner / Hand Spinner at the same time as playing this game :-).



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