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360 Document Protector

Document Protector

Use the file filter driver to protect all the documents and backup data, once protector monitored file modifying, immediately backup files data before modified, if your files unfortunate encrypted by ransomware, you can effortlessly restore the file from the backup, and you can select the file formats you need to be protected in setting menu. And integrated most popular decryption tools, you can decrypt files which encrypted by ransomware before.

By real-time monitoring the system, 360 Document Protector is capable of automatically backing up your documents upon any modification, so the latest version of your files is protected in a local folder. Therefore even if your PC is infected by ransomware, you don’t have to pay a dime to criminals but have another set of copies.

Note: The program works for documents edited, opened or saved after installed. If you want to backup the files opened before you install 360 Document Protector, please save these files manually.


Document Protector

From the moment you start the program, 360 Document Protector automatically backups the documents for you. It keeps files for 30 days by default so leaves no burden to your disk.

You can also change the expiry date to “Valid Permanently” as well as add file formats, and change storage path in settings by clicking the gear icon on the right top corner.

Rescue your infected documents

Document Protector

If your files are encrypted, 360 Document Protector has its built-in decryptor which carries most updated decryption tools such as CrySiS Decryptor to save your files.




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