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Notion Intelligent Email


Notion is the best way to love email and improve your communication. It learns from your behavior to make your most important emails stand out. The rest are grouped together for fast clean up.Notifications are specific to you, questions are highlighted on your ‘Radar’, and insights into your network are richer than ever before.


Add intelligence to your email on Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange, etc.

√ Multiple Accounts & Signatures
√ Unified Inbox, Archive, Sent items
√ Message Snoozing
√ Folder Browsing
√ Personalized Swipes
√ Talk to your Email with the Notion Alexa Skill


Advanced ways to LOVE email again with Notion:

* Focused Inbox – Your important emails stand out brightly.
* One-touch Cleaning – Handle less important emails fast.
* Radar – Stay on top of questions and improve response.
* Smart Notifications – Get beeps for things that matter.
* Search – Find people and information fast.
* Insights – Include stats to encourage responses.

* People – Surface contact details buried in email.
* Responsiveness – Measure how people respond to you.
* Shared Connections – Unearth who you know in common.
* Origins – Your email’s story of how people met.
* Most Active – Monitor who gets your most attention.
* Recently Met – See how your network is growing.
* Stay-In-Touch – Remember to check in with key people.


A truly personal intelligence must respect, and protect your privacy. See notion.ai/trust for details on our security and privacy approach.

What people love about Notion:

– 95% importance accuracy out-of-the-box
– Accuracy increases over time with ongoing learning
– Improve your responsiveness
– Saves you up to 100 trivial notifications a day
– Over 3 million seconds (hundreds of hours) saved cleaning inboxes already








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