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Ulefone Power 2 Official GPS Test | Softwaregiveaway

Ulefone Power 2 Official   With 6050mAh battery, Ulefone Power 2   is supposed to offer sufficient energy for long trip, so will it also lead you on the right way. Latest official test may give you some reference. The video from Ulefone shows that Ulefone Power 2 has quite nice …

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Ulefone Gemini Official GPS Test | softwaregiveaway

Ulefone Gemini GPS Test

Ulefone Gemini Official GPS Test   Dual-camera device Ulefone Gimini has adopted three stage back cover with plastic material on the top and bottom edge for better signal reception. About the real performance, you may have a look at the latest GPS test many by Ulefone.As the app GPS test …

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Ulefone Gemini Dual Camera Sample Photos | softwaregiveaway

Ulefone Gemini Dual Camera Sample Photos Offering sound camera specs, Ulefone Gemini has been the company’s first device that take photography as major selling point. And today Ulefone release the first set of sample photos for your reference.   Ulefone Gemini’s dual camera system is composed of a 13MP major …

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Ulefone Gemini Dual-Camera Effect | Softwaregiveaway

Ulefone Shows Ulefone Gemini Dual-Camera Effect As a dual-camera device, Ulefone Gemini is supposed to offer Bokeh effect in photos. And today Ulefone offers some samples for customers to have a preview. Ulefone has adopted dual camera with 13MP and interpolated 5MP resolutions, respectively, with the sub camera to achieve …

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Ulefone Gemini Specs Revealed | softwaregiveaway

Ulefone Gemini Specs Revealed   Ulefone Gemini and Gemini Pro are the two dual-camera devices Ulefone will launch in the near future for different price brackets. The specs of the Pro version was revealed before including Helio X27 chipset and today comes the information for the economic version.   Ulefone …

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Ulefone Armor SOS Function Demonstration

Ulefone Armor SOS Function Demonstration As an out-door oriented device, IP68 octa-core Ulefone Armor has offered an SOS key for emergency use and a latest Ulefone official video has demonstrated the function. Before using the SOS key, you first are required to choose emergency contacts from your directory as emergency …

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Ulefone Armor Camera Performance and Sample Photos

Ulefone Armor Camera Performance and Sample Photos Though Ulefone Armor features water and shock proof abilities, they only allow you to use the phone in more conditions, while “good to use” is always the first and most important demand for a phone. For Ulefone Armor, we have equipped 13MP back …

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Ulefone Armor Car Rolling Test | Ulefone.com

Ulefone Armor Car Rolling Test With a rugged design, IP68 octa-core device Ulefone Armor is supposed to be more solid than ordinary phones, so it’s no surprise that Ulefone will do various violent tests to prove that. Today, Ulefone Armor will have the experience under the tyre of a Audi …

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California professional beauty college are the top beauty schools of the region. You can join some of the sought after beauty programs and learn the most efficient beauty services here. Training institutes established in the California region have certified training programs which are offered at cost-effective rates. Students interested to …

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